Which Is The Right Hostgator Hosting Plan For You?

You have many different web hosting companies to choose from. However, you have decided that the best company for you is Hostgator.  That decision has been made by over 2,000,000 other people around the world who have more than 5,000,000 domains working from their servers.  So, which plan is it that you need at this particular time and more importantly, which plan will you need to make sure that you have what you need in the very near future?

There is always the shared Web Hosting.  This is the one that the most people have and it works just fine for the vast majority of niches.  This name describes the fact that your web pages are placed on servers along with a lot of other web pages.  You are actually sharing a server and everything that happens on that server has a potential impact on everything else that is on that server.  If another web site gets a large spike in their number of visitors on it because of a big launch or something else, it could impact your site and all others on the server by slowing it down a little bit.  Normally this is not a major problem because files are transferred to other servers to make sure that the slowdown is not for a prolonged period.  It does happen however.

A VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting plan will help to alleviate the above problems.  This type of system keeps your files separated from all the rest with a virtual firewall.  This will allow you to be able to take care of things that will not be affected by the things that others do.  The spike in some other web site will not impact you and the things that someone else does will not cause your part of the server to slow down or drop off-line.  This is a very comforting thing.

The Dedicated server is the utmost in web hosting security.  You have your own server.  The things that might drop a server off-line will not affect you at all, unless you do it to yourself. And even then, the servers at Hostgator are monitored 24/7/365 so that problems like this, or any other problems, are not allowed to affect you.  This is a promise from Hostgator.  They have published their guarantee of 99.9% up-time and they work very hard to ensure this.

The Reseller Plan is the best of a lot of worlds for the person that wants the flexibility to make this type of service available to more people and get paid for it as well.  The ability to sell, trade or even to just give away hosting services to their customers or clients is a very powerful inducement for them to do more and more business with you.

Whether you need to have just the basic shared hosting that has worked for many people or whether you need to have a little more security through the VPS or the dedicated servers and the ability to brand your own web hosting, Hostgator has given you the ability to get started and then to grow with them as they provide the best service for you.

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