Save More, Make More with Hostgator Reseller Coupons

Many people are making money online by starting their own web hosting businesses. Hostgator saw a need for affordable reseller hosting plans and came up with a viable solution. They have included 5 different reseller packages in their reseller hosting plan – all of which can be made even more affordable by taking advantage of current Hostgator reseller coupons.

Web hosting businesses, and there are many of them, are only successful when they make a healthy profit. Successful web hosting businesses have uncovered an easy technique to save money while allowing themselves to make money. What is their technique? Finding and using reseller coupons from Hostgator.

At Hostgator, the Aluminum reseller package begins at $19.96 for the first month and $24.95 after that. This is Hostgator’s basic reseller hosting package which comes with 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, and an unlimited supply of domain names. To start the savings, Hostgator gives all new clients 20% off their first month of service. Industrious clients know how to save even more, up to 25%, by using a current reseller coupon.

The next package in the series is called Copper, which starts at $27.96 for month 1 and $34.95 after that. The Copper package starts clients out with 80GB of disk space, 700GB of bandwidth, and as always, unlimited domain names. Those that are in the web hosting business have found a way to keep most of the profits they make by signing up for 2-3 years of service while saving up to 20% off any of Hostgator’s reseller packages.

Next in line is the Silver package, which provides 120GB of disk space, a whopping 1000GB of bandwidth, and countless domain names for $39.96 for starters then $49.95 for the following months.


After Silver comes Gold at Hostgator beginning at $59.96 and edging up slightly to $74.95 per month. The package includes 160GB of disk space, 1200GB of bandwidth, and the customary unlimited domain names.


Lastly, Diamond provides the most out of all Hostgator reseller packages and includes 200GB of disk space, 1400 GB of bandwidth, and limitless domain names starting out at $79.96 for the first invoice and $99.95 for the following months.


Saving 20-25% off any of Hostgator’s reseller packages can really add up. Most people in the world of business know that in order to make money they have to spend money. While this may be true, there is a way to spend a little less money at Hostgator and turn it around to make a profit. The proof is in the thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s an example of how some of those customers have saved money.

A Hostgator client that chooses the Silver package and pays for 2 years of service saves an automatic 20% just for signing up. Two years of service for this particular package normally costs $1198.80. The client is entitled to an automatic 20% discount upon signing up. That would bring their total to $959.04 which is a savings of $239.76. This is only one way to save more while making more at Hostgator.






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