Hostgator: The Reviews Are In!

The very act of looking for just the right hosting company should cause you to look at Hostgator as the only one to think seriously about. That is a very strong statement and needs to be backed up. This is quite an easy task as you look at just about any web hosting review site.  They have many very positive comments from the users and visitors that will put a lot of the other hosting companies to shame.

You will find that of all of the reviews you look at, Hostgator comes out pretty much on top as far as services and they do come out on top as far as the monthly fees charged for their services.  Many of the reviews that you will read state that they have been with Hostgator for years and they would not go anywhere else. Most of them talk about the prices and all of them mention the customer service.  That says a lot about a company that started in a college dorm room in 2002 and grew to be the 10th largest hosting company in the United States.

As far as the price per month, you can start with what is called a Hatchling account.  That is the basic package and starts at only $3.96 per month.  This one is fairly limited, but you are just getting your feet wet.  There are unlimited sub-domains attachable to the one domain you can host with this plan, so the possibilities expand quite a bit here.

The next step is the Baby Croc.  This is unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited a lot of other stuff.  This plan will take care of just about every need that the intermediate internet marketer needs to take care of.

And Hostgator knows internet marketers.  Many of the hosting companies really don’t.  They do not have the slightest idea about the needs of the Imers to have what they need when they need it and the customer service on some of those doesn’t either.  You do not need that kind of hassle.

Hostgator also has a business plan.  A little bit more, yet this has all of the features and the bandwidth to take care of all of your needs well into the future.  The primary reason for the business plan would be the private dedicated IP address and the Toll-Free number available.  This helps to keep the security of your sites intact and the available SSL certification helps do that.  This business account starts at less than $16.00 per month, which is a very good investment for your security.

One of the main reasons that a lot of people really like Hostgator is because they, in this time of global warming and natural resource depletion, have made the decision to go Green.  They have made that decision in a very big way.  They are, and have been, 130% Green Power Certified in the state of Texas.  They have led the way in the greening of the internet and Hostgator is the green company to look for.

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