The Greening of the Internet Can Start With Hostgator

Do you know how much heat is generated by the average server?  Can you imagine the amount of energy that is required to run and cool the servers that are currently being run all over the world?  It has been estimated that 3 – 4 % of all of the electricity used all over the world is consumed by data centers.  Computer servers are a very major part of that and that is just what is used to run the servers. You have to cool all of those electronic components and that takes about twice the energy to cool as it does to run.  That is a lot of numbers to throw at you, so let’s look at what Hostgator is doing about this.

By purchasing 130% of their electrical needs in Renewable Energy Credits, Hostgator has effectively removed 444 cars from the road for an entire year.  They have saved 5,654 barrels of oil for other uses and in effect have powered 321 homes with the clean, green energy for a year.  Not to mention the protecting of 551 acres of rainforest for that same year.  Hostgator is doing its part in the fight against global warming and leads all others in that battle.

There are a few hosting companies out there that are using green energy to run their servers, but there are not as many that are using the same source to cool those same servers.  That leaves a lot of non renewable power going to this very steady need of energy.  That is something that Hostgator decided that it wanted to address.  They have done it quite well too. Through their program of Renewable Energy Credits they are actually paying a Texas wind-farm to generate the electrical power for many homes and offices on their behalf.  This says a lot about Hostgator and the fact that they put their money where their mouths are.

Hostgator actually pays for about twice the energy that they use and put back into the electrical grid for everyone’s use.  Yes, Hostgator has led the way and they continue to look into areas that will help others do the same.  They have partnered with wind farms, power generating companies and with others wanting to make a difference.

When you are looking for the web hosting company that does all the things for you that Hostgator does and does it the way they do it for you and does it in the greenest way possible, you are in the best possible position you will ever be to get on the bandwagon and set up an account with this Green Company.  The prices, the plans, the cPanel platform, the programs, the applications, all the bells and whistles that will allow you to publish web sites that are dynamic and interactive and the just plain easy to use interface all point to Hostgator as the one hosting company to get.

The greening of the environment and the ability to be a part of that is just icing on the cake.

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