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Owner & Founder: Brent Oxley
Prices Start: $3.96

About The Company

Hostgator.com LLC is a Texas based company founded and owned by Brent Oxley in 2002.  The company has expanded recently to include offices in Houston and Austin, Texas.  Hostgator.com is the leading provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated servers.  Oxley began the company in is dorm room at Florida Atlantic University and in a short period of time has built the company to include over 5 million domains, resulting in 1% of total internet traffic.  Hostgator.com has been declared the 21st fastest growing private company, the 2nd fastest growing company in business services, and the first fastest growing company in Texas.

Hostgator.com provides innovative products and services to customers such as independent freelancers up to and including Fortune 500 companies in over 200 countries.  The website is designed to aid web designers and developers in their day to day operations and has a 90% satisfied rating.

Hostgator.com Overview

Are you a new company looking for the right web host?  Even more are you looking for an easy way to design your website that represents your company and reputation?  Do you want to save money by designing your own website, but don’t have the technical ability?

Every company that has ever tried to secure a web host knows it is difficult to find a host that meets or exceeds their expectations.  Many companies may host the web site, but they don’t provide options for you to build your own site using their tools.  Finding a web host that can fulfill all their needs in one location is difficult to find and often results in the website design being built by one company and the web hosting being completed by another.  This can sometimes make merging a website to a host difficult because languages collide and the design does not look the same in live mode as in the design mode.

Hostgator.com helps eliminate this obstacle of website design by providing site builder, included with many of their web hosting options.  Site builder provides the ability to create your website from scratch or from a template.  A preview to see what the design looks like live is available before the website actually goes live.  This takes out the guess work out of knowing how the design will look to your customers.

In addition if you already have web hosting, Hostgator.com can provide free domain transfers, free file transfers, free database transfers and free script transfers, simply for switching web hosts.  They handle all the transfers for you.  This makes switching hosting companies simple and hassle free.

Hostgator.com provides 100% customer service any time of the year.  Customer support portals include chat live, call, sending e-mail (or a ticket), fax and regular mail.  Live chat is available 24/7 to answer any questions regarding billing, technical support, design questions, a hostgator coupon and anything else you can think of regarding hosting and their website features.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most widely used services.  Hostgator.com provides three different level plans for web hosting.  All plans provide hosting that is easy and affordable.  The plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  The plans provide free tools for creating sites and templates.  The web hosting services provide unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts and e-mail accounts.  Users use the cPanel control panel for designing and developing their websites.

The site builder allows you to select the type of site you would like to create.  You can create the site from scratch or choose from many available designs and functional presets.  Some of the presets include: pages, page sets, design templates, and functional modules.  The functional modules include blogs and image galleries.  All of the functional presets can be arranged according to your company’s objectives and preferences.  The site builder allows for the editing and creation of your content, including the page title.

Hostgator.com uses BaseKit for their site builder tools.  They use this website builder because it is easy to use.  The program allows for easy to drag and drop functionality.  The templates can be completely customized.  There are additional widgets that any company can add to their website.  The additional widgets to implement include Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, RSS, Flickr, forms, YouTube, PayPal, Calendars, and much more.

BaseKit also supports multiple languages and allows for the addition and editing of HTML and CSS coding.  The program allows for importation of PSD designs.  Basekit also provides easy styling tools for every user to easily maneuver the website of their dreams.

The hosting provides for forums, free instant shopping carts, blogs, counters, form mail, portals, password protected directories, custom error pages, web based file managers, hotlink protection, IP deny manager, and redirect URL.  Each of these options makes building and customizing your website easier and less time consuming.

The web hosting options are hatchling, baby and business.  The hatchling plan has shared SSL certification.  The baby plan includes the shared SSL certification and unlimited domains.  The business plan includes a private SSL certification and IP, unlimited domains, and a toll free number.  All plans include the site builder for customized web sites.

Reseller Hosting

For the person trying to make some extra money or start their own business, Hostgator.com offers reseller hosting.  Reseller hosting provides customer management for free and billing software.  There are multiple website creating tools and templates for the reseller, but also for the reseller’s users.  Reseller hosting provides a domain name reseller account for the reseller to track their clients.  The account provides a billing system for the reseller to use to keep track of user accounts.

The reseller account also provides 4500 free website templates in over 22 languages to be offered to the end users.  The plan is easy and inexpensive.  The reseller will begin recognizing profits in a short time, making the reseller hosting plan excellent for entrepreneurs or business owners looking to invest in a new venture.

The reseller account also provides for not only the reseller, but the reseller’s customers to have access to the site builder.  Therefore the reseller is able to not only web host their client’s website, but can also provide website designs for their customers.  If the customer opts out of having the host design the site the customer can still design their own site.

The best part of the reseller hosting plans is you keep 100% of the money.  Hostgator.com will never ask for a commission on the websites you host.  As a special offer for becoming a reseller host you will a book called “The Web Hosting Book,” on the house. This book will help resellers learn how to run a web hosting company and help their clients in the process.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans provide dedicated functionality without the additional expense.  The VPS hosting plans use CentOS Linux with full root access, Virtuozzo power panels, optional cPanel or web hosting manager panels.

The VPS hosting plans provide a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers.  This hosting option can be customized for hosting needs and may be upgraded at any time.  This provides the client the opportunity to start at a lower level plan when they are in their early stages of business.  As the company grows, their plan may be upgraded at any time to continue handling their business needs.

The various levels of VPS hosting helps provide a fully customized match for any specific hosting needs.  In this way you are only paying for the services you really need.  You are not paying for extra processors, download speed, or space that you don’t need.

You may be wondering why you would not just set up your own server in house.  The answer is Hostgator.com provides all the reliability and takes all responsibility for ensuring the server is always working.  There are weekly automated off site backups for extra security purposes.  Hostgator.com cuts all the time and personnel costs associated with having in-house VPS hosting.  State of the art data centers with backup power generators are used to help keep your websites running, even if the power goes down at the facility where the server is running.  This provides an extra measure of functionality that your business would pay possibly thousands to uphold.

Dedicated Servers

The Hostgator.com provides dedicated servers that are the ultimate solution for power and flexibility.  The dedicated servers are fully managed with complete control and root access.  The dedicated hardware has no resource restrictions, unlike other dedicated servers.  The various levels of dedication server plans come in basic, standard, elite dedicated and pro dedicated option packages.  Recently Hostgator.com offered Linux and Window dedicated servers to help provide even more service to companies worldwide.

Hostgator.com strives to provide the highest quality server products and services available.  To prove this they provide server provisions, secured and delivered typically within 24 hours of purchase.  Dedicated servers from Hostgator.com provide sites with a higher level of security, speed and uptime than many other hosting companies.

A bonus feature to the dedication servers includes free billing systems.  The billing system provides autopilot billing to automate the billing needs of your company.  The dedicated servers are fully managed by Hostgator.com, taking all the responsibility away from your company.  This cuts personnel costs and reduces system costs.  Another added feature is the free Enom domain name reseller account included with having a dedicated server.  Therefore you can have a large website with multiple functions and host client websites at the same time.

Costs and Format

Hostgator.com offers various services with multiple levels of plans for each service.  The starting price for web hosting is $3.96 a month.  Reseller hosting starts at $19.96 for the first month and is $24.95 each month after.  VPS Hosting services are starting at $15.96 for the first month and $19.95 each month after.  The dedicated server plans begin at $139.00 for the first month and $174.00 a month thereafter.

For a limited time Hostgator.com is offering a Hostgator coupon via this site on various packages for the first month.  This provides the opportunity to not only take the 45 day money back guarantee, but to try a great product for a month at a discounted rate.

Pro Points for Hostgator.com

  • Multiple plan options from the one person company to large corporations
  • Various hosting options
  • Inexpensive plans to meet all budgets
  • Customizable websites & templates
  • Environment friendly
  • 100% time customer service, no holidays or off hours
  • Scalable plans based on growing of your company
  • Hostgator coupon

Negative Points for Hostgator.com

  • Difficult to decide which plan to chose
  • Built mostly for web designers and developers to use
  • Lose one on one personal contact with over 750 employees for customer support and no local representatives

Overall Conclusion for Hostgator.com

Hostgator.com is a great web hosting company that provides various web hosting, reseller, VPS hosting and dedicated server options to their clients.  In addition, Hostgator.com provides customizable website templates for every user to easily design and upload their own creations.  This is specifically useful for companies that change their website design on either a monthly or seasonal basis.  By simply using the site builder changing content and design is a breeze.

The multiple number of hosting option plans is great to accommodate every user.  This allows Hostgator.com to meet the needs for the smallest of businesses and the largest of businesses.  This is not an easy task for any company to achieve, which concludes as to why they are one of the fastest growing companies in the country.  The 99.9% uptime rating means you never have to worry that your website is potentially losing clients by not being available.

Hostgator.com understands the importance of making the most out of your money and therefore provides various levels to meet the needs of your company that is also ideal for your budget.  Using the hostgator coupon you will receive a reduced rate to help determine if the web hosting is with your time and business.

Their phenomenal customer support is award winning.  They provide answers to all questions any time of the day or night.  They are open 24/7/365, providing the highest quality of service available to their clients.

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