Hostgator: The Reviews Are In!

The very act of looking for just the right hosting company should cause you to look at Hostgator as the only one to think seriously about. That is a very strong statement and needs to be backed up. This is quite an easy task as you look at just about any web hosting review site.  They have many very positive comments from the users and visitors that will put a lot of the other hosting companies to shame.

You will find that of all of the reviews you look at, Hostgator comes out pretty much on top as far as services and they do come out on top as far as the monthly fees charged for their services.  Many of the reviews that you will read state that they have been with Hostgator for years and they would not go anywhere else. Most of them talk about the prices and all of them mention the customer service.  That says a lot about a company that started in a college dorm room in 2002 and grew to be the 10th largest hosting company in the United States.

As far as the price per month, you can start with what is called a Hatchling account.  That is the basic package and starts at only $3.96 per month.  This one is fairly limited, but you are just getting your feet wet.  There are unlimited sub-domains attachable to the one domain you can host with this plan, so the possibilities expand quite a bit here.

The next step is the Baby Croc.  This is unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited a lot of other stuff.  This plan will take care of just about every need that the intermediate internet marketer needs to take care of.

And Hostgator knows internet marketers.  Many of the hosting companies really don’t.  They do not have the slightest idea about the needs of the Imers to have what they need when they need it and the customer service on some of those doesn’t either.  You do not need that kind of hassle.

Hostgator also has a business plan.  A little bit more, yet this has all of the features and the bandwidth to take care of all of your needs well into the future.  The primary reason for the business plan would be the private dedicated IP address and the Toll-Free number available.  This helps to keep the security of your sites intact and the available SSL certification helps do that.  This business account starts at less than $16.00 per month, which is a very good investment for your security.

One of the main reasons that a lot of people really like Hostgator is because they, in this time of global warming and natural resource depletion, have made the decision to go Green.  They have made that decision in a very big way.  They are, and have been, 130% Green Power Certified in the state of Texas.  They have led the way in the greening of the internet and Hostgator is the green company to look for.


Hostgator vs. Hostmonster

Web hosting competitors come and go and HostGator still remains the top resource for your e-commerce and web hosting needs. With versatility and freedom to build and grow in HostGator, other web hosting outlets lag behind in offering the types of services needed to take on the supercharged Internet economy.

Shared web hosting has become a very marketable asset for aspiring Internet entrepreneurs. Over the last decade the growth of e-commerce has facilitated the need for web hosting to handle affiliate programs and extend the reach of products and services throughout the net. Utilizing a web hosting company sites can be managed with low overhead while providing open avenues of traffic to all products and services available from source to third party consumers. Shared hosting is affordable and is a growing segment of the new Internet economy.

When it comes to comparisons such as HostGator vs. Hostmonster most experts agree that the features and service is fairly equal. The differences come in the details. A web hosting service like Hostmonster will provide unlimited domains along with disk space and bandwidth with their most basic plans but Hostmonster only offers 50,000 files back up limit that cannot be extended. HostGator provides 100,000. And unlike any of its competitors HostGator gives your fledgling host business room to grow with easy upgrades to reseller hosting, VPS hosting and even dedicated servers that provide unmatched power and support for a growing business. This is where the discerning entrepreneur needs to take note.

Backing up files is a crucial part of making sure your platform is protected from any number of issues that can arise on the Internet. Hacking, scams and other elements can render a program unusable but in order to keep your scripts, templates and files safe your back up capability must be of the highest level. Hostmonster and other competitors will evict your platform and files from a package once you have reached your back up limit. Switching host companies can be more of a hassle then it is worth.

While a company like Hostmonster offers a super low price for its initial web hosting, the plan comes with a 2-year mandatory locked in plan. You can’t make changes to your plan and you can’t you grow outside of the given disk space or bandwidth. HostGator provides monthly plans that run a little more expensive but the expense is worth it as you have the freedom of monthly contracts that allow you to move from plan to plan depending on your need. As you increase your level of participation the increased features and options offer plenty of payback.

Most crucial in comparing any web hosting company to another is the understanding of exactly what each one offers. Read the fine print and don’t be fooled by promises of lower prices with the sacrifice of space and freedom. HostGator has spent the better part of the decade eating up the competition and providing the best features with the freedom to grow within your programs coupled with award-winning customer support that is second to none.


HostGator vs. DreamHost

Invariably when a market titan begins to pull away from its competition, the competition begins to fire back. Releasing scam reports or other types of misinformation in hopes of gaining an extra foothold is not above any company in the heat of battle. HostGator has been serving the Internet community for close to 10 years and has been eating up the competition all along the way.

The comparisons are inevitable with lesser known and smaller web hosting outfits looking to make a name for themselves, HostGator vs. DreamHost comparisons have been made recently that show once again that HostGator is at the top of the industry. HostGator provides a full-service hosting program that provides for every level of shared, reseller, and VPS hosting as well as dedicated servers. HostGator also provides platforms across all operating systems or open source systems that are 100% compatible and versatile. DreamHost options are limited, while providing basic shared hosting in order to upgrade into bigger hosting programs DreamHost farms out your business to partners such as Host.com. DreamHost also lacks many of the free and upgrade features that HostGator offers as a standard.

Shared hosting features from both companies are comparable but with ASP support, HostGator gains an edge. Hostgator’s ability to provide a hosting program over and operating system and management platform trumps the availability, but it still tops DreamHost’s lack of ASP support.

When it comes to the web hosting control panels the comparison ends. HostGator provides cPanel the preeminent control panel in the industry. The controls are intuitive and it operates seamlessly within all its features and in combination with HostGator response time to your commands is ideal. DreamHost has a control panel that seems homemade and lacks the intuitive feel or appearance of a control panel that will work for you. This discourages the quality speed of site building and ultimately hinders your platforms development.

Moving on to customer service the chasm in quality deepens. While both offer access to reference materials that go a long way in helping you with frequent issues and questions that can be solved individually, DreamHost lacks the personal touch that HostGator provides in its customer support. With live help available any time of day or night 7-days a week and 365 days a year there is no doubt the HostGator service is head and shoulders above DreamHost’s, bare bones support systems. Some reviewers have gone so far as to hint that DreamHost seems like they couldn’t be bothered with your issue or problem while HostGator is solutions oriented, getting to the core of your issue and sticking with you into your issue is resolved.

The competitors come and go and so do the comparisons. HostGator in terms of affordability, options and support rise above the competition as it has for almost 10 years delivering the web hosting solutions that can work for any level of Internet entrepreneur. Trust in the number one e-commerce support center on the web in HostGator and build the kind of web enterprise that performs at a high level and gets results.


HostGator Plans Run the Gamut of Web Hosting Opportunities

For aspiring web entrepreneurs, HostGator has the hosting platform and plan that will fit your needs whether you are just starting out or looking to expand upon your current program. HostGator plans run the gamut from shared hosting per operating system through dedicated servers. You can build an operation as large as you would like with the help of HostGator. Delivering premier web hosting for thousands outlets HostGator has built a reputation of helping aspiring Internet entrepreneurs find the way through the new economy of e-commerce. Whether through retail or affiliate programs of blog and content based platforms, HostGator has been the Internet leader in providing exemplary web hosting across all platforms and programs.

For the past decade the Internet has grown form niche-sized enthusiasm to an outright booming enterprise of commerce, media and more. As the fastest segment of a growing new economy there are hundreds of thousands of opportunities to find your place within that new economy using creative ideas and steering them to the Internet public at large. Social media has changed the way companies do business and consumers shop and relate to brands and product. In that vein web hosting has developed to fill the role of superintendent in a sea of enterprise.

Arising from that sea of enterprise and opportunity is HostGator leading the charge and eating up the competition for the last 10 years. No matter your operating platform Linux, Windows, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other, HostGator can offer introductory to professional business plans so you can get the most out o your e-commerce. Each plan is coordinated with the disk space, bandwidth and other tools to maximize your success in your chosen platform. Upgrades are seamless and transferring from a lesser hosting company can be done in a flash. HostGator plans and packages vary from the entry level hosting and website building to running a conglomerate of sites over dedicated servers. The choice is yours. HostGator will even help you set up your own hosting company under a successful affiliate program. All shared hosting, reseller and VPS hosting packages include unlimited options on disk space and bandwidth as part of the rate plan.

Experience the difference in HostGator web hosting. The freedom of choice and award-winning customer service are just some of the ways HostGator continues to eat up the competition. HostGator customer support is always available to help you sift through the plans and packages so you can find the right fit for your needs. When entering into e-commerce, most people are unaware of their options and fall into poor situations. Learning the aspects of the web hosting plan you enter is crucial to avoid getting locked into platforms that are too big or small for your needs or expensive, wrought with hidden charges you don’t see coming. HostGator plans offer an in-depth look at each program you might choose, and a variety of plans to choose from and can walk you through the process and get you up and running under the HostGator flag in no time.


A HostGator Review

E-commerce thrives on creative ideas and diligent work behind the scenes to make those ideas become a working reality online and across the web. Shared hosting is the engine that drives e-commerce. With thousands of hosting agents popping up every day it’s hard to get a handle on each one and which has the best deal coupled with quality performance for your needs as an aspiring website owner or experienced Internet entrepreneur.

For name recognition alone, HostGator must be your first look. HostGator has been in the e-commerce and hosting business since the early days of its development, providing outlets for web business that span almost 10 years. At closer examination in this HostGator review you will come to realize that for hosting and e-commerce services and performance there is HostGator and there is everyone else.

HostGator has proclaimed for years that it is eating up the competition and they are right. No one offers the kind of hosting opportunities over so many platforms. HostGator has developed itself over the years to take on and assimilate the newest software and operation system technologies in order to best serve a customer base that is growing exponentially. At the heart of HostGator is understanding that as a customer base grow, so must the support and service to that group improve with it. HostGator has the logistical ability to cover its entire clientele and those clients are growing by the day.

What started as simple Internet Marketing and spam-like scams to get traffic to drive to certain sites has developed over the years to that of affiliate management. By creating a platform in which to provide several websites under an umbrella in coordination with source, such as a producer of goods, a steady stream of traffic is delivered from those sites to the producer for potential sales. This affiliate principle has been expanded to incorporate web hosting, in which a website domain is created to produce one or more of these affiliate sites outside of the producer and a third party, providing a larger web of traffic.

HostGator achieves its high quality by providing hosting opportunities for several different levels of entrepreneur. Starting with shared hosting plans that range from a single domain to full-fledged business plans that contain unlimited domains for its user as well as extra features that aid in managing a large operation, HostGator has a plan for any aspiring or experienced e-commerce professional.

HostGator is compatible with the most popular operating systems and applications such as Linux and Windows and is very much a part of the growing open source content management revolution. The key to successful hosting and e-commerce is leaving every door of opportunity open and HostGator realizes that new avenues of distribution are being created every day.

HostGator offers basic shared hosting programs for beginners and reseller and VPS hosting opportunities for more advance clients. For those Internet moguls looking to up the ante, HostGator provides dedicated server packages that run the gamut in disk space, memory and bandwidth, all with free c-panels. Every package is backed by the unmatched customer service of HostGator.


Dealing with HostGator Problems

E-commerce and web hosting is wrought with potential pitfalls that can undermine any operation. Misused space, copyright infringement attacks, hacking; they are all a part of the game when you enter into hosting arrangements. Business, after all is still business. HostGator has been up and running since 2002 and has developed itself into an Internet leader in web hosting services that boast an incredible 99.9% uptime for all sites. Unmatched by competitors, HostGator is also susceptible to errors and scams that cause problems with hosting platforms.

In dealing with storage of your data, HostGator is careful to enlist top-flight storage providers to ensure security and safety for your online operation and back-ups. Communication issues and other problems can arise that can separate HostGator and ultimately you from retrieving the data you seek to access your data or back-ups. HostGator suggests that beyond the standard backup and storage that they provide should not be your last line of defense. Personal backups of data and procuring your own avenue of storage are crucial to avoiding these kinds of issues.

HostGator is responsible for maintaining the legality of its operation so in cases where copyright infringement or claims thereof are made. HostGator reserves the right to protect itself. Copyright infringement is a growing problem in Internet commerce. It is difficult to pinpoint where a patent lies or whether a patent is valid or if it covers the issue in question. Over the early years of Internet development, several government agencies and private companies turned in patent requests for a variety of aspects that now make up the bare-bones of the Internet. Those original patents, somewhere in hundreds of thousands can be as intricate as detailing a small amount of script or an entire programming language and many patents have been bought and sold at multiple instances. The line is blurry and HostGator strives to maintain its integrity. It is important for each entrepreneur to be clear about what they are legally allowed to produce through their hosting and domain packages to avoid being accused of infringement and having their site suspended, leading to loss of profit and sometimes data.

HostGator problems are few and far between. The HostGator support team was put together to provide around the clock service to its customers. Through live online chats and over the phone you can connect to a HostGator representative who can help identify and solve your issue. Support is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week the whole year round including holidays, so your business doesn’t have to suffer through downtime.

HostGator support also provides a forum of articles and FAQs that can help you get on the right track without using a live service. Over the years HostGator has witnessed and dealt with a variety recurring issues to web hosting platforms. Learning from each issue, HostGator provides reference on these issues and delivers solutions that you can enact within minutes. Help solving your e-commerce and web hosting problems is closer than a phone call and online chat with this forum service that HostGator provides.