Hostgator: The Reviews Are In!

The very act of looking for just the right hosting company should cause you to look at Hostgator as the only one to think seriously about. That is a very strong statement and needs to be backed up. This is quite an easy task as you look at just about any web hosting review site.  They have many very positive comments from the users and visitors that will put a lot of the other hosting companies to shame.

You will find that of all of the reviews you look at, Hostgator comes out pretty much on top as far as services and they do come out on top as far as the monthly fees charged for their services.  Many of the reviews that you will read state that they have been with Hostgator for years and they would not go anywhere else. Most of them talk about the prices and all of them mention the customer service.  That says a lot about a company that started in a college dorm room in 2002 and grew to be the 10th largest hosting company in the United States.

As far as the price per month, you can start with what is called a Hatchling account.  That is the basic package and starts at only $3.96 per month.  This one is fairly limited, but you are just getting your feet wet.  There are unlimited sub-domains attachable to the one domain you can host with this plan, so the possibilities expand quite a bit here.

The next step is the Baby Croc.  This is unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited a lot of other stuff.  This plan will take care of just about every need that the intermediate internet marketer needs to take care of.

And Hostgator knows internet marketers.  Many of the hosting companies really don’t.  They do not have the slightest idea about the needs of the Imers to have what they need when they need it and the customer service on some of those doesn’t either.  You do not need that kind of hassle.

Hostgator also has a business plan.  A little bit more, yet this has all of the features and the bandwidth to take care of all of your needs well into the future.  The primary reason for the business plan would be the private dedicated IP address and the Toll-Free number available.  This helps to keep the security of your sites intact and the available SSL certification helps do that.  This business account starts at less than $16.00 per month, which is a very good investment for your security.

One of the main reasons that a lot of people really like Hostgator is because they, in this time of global warming and natural resource depletion, have made the decision to go Green.  They have made that decision in a very big way.  They are, and have been, 130% Green Power Certified in the state of Texas.  They have led the way in the greening of the internet and Hostgator is the green company to look for.


Browsing the Possibilities of HostGator Templates

With award-winning support and 99.9% uptime acting as a trumpet call to arms, HostGator is already well-known in Internet circles as the best webhosting service there is. HostGator has been developing e-commerce solutions for thousands for close to 10 years and has been eating up the competition the entire way. Delivering the kind of web hosting services that maintain traffic and deliver high-performance, HostGator is the number one web hosting company on the web.

It isn’t just the variety of plans that HostGator offers that makes the web-giant so sought after. Sure, the unlimited disk space and bandwidth don’t hurt; neither do the escalating domain and sub-domain names you can acquire with each level of plan you choose. It isn’t the variety of shared hosting, reseller and VPD hosting or access to dedicated servers either, even if each aspect of hosting offers different benefits in terms of usage and plans that could jumpstart any flailing e-commerce program.

It could be the exemplary 24-7/365 day a year support coverage that HostGator provides, guiding you from start to finish so all you need to manage is your own billing and collecting you profits generated from the premier management that HostGator provides. After all, year after year, HostGator wins the top web awards for service and customer support.

Most likely it is your access to the website builder tools, SiteStudio and website templates that HostGator has in its inventory. HostGator templates are a huge part of your registration process with HostGator. You simply can’t get the variety of looks form anywhere else on the net. Templates vary in type, colors, font and so much more and are even customizable so you can make your template as unique as your idea.

Choose exactly how you want your web design to go, and follow that template to create a one of a kind website that catches the eye of any discerning consumer or affiliate. The templates and website builder are provided free through registration in any plan or platform you choose. For creative pursuits or simple to complex business solutions, each template is crafted to fill a role and there are over 150 to choose from, all free all downloadable and easy to customize.

Put your unique stamp on the Internet or give your idea of program a makeover. Most hosting companies cannot provide the logistics or resources that HostGator and its years of experience can offer.  By signing up with HostGator you can rest assured that the creation of your website is in your hands and under the helpful support umbrella of HostGator. Throughout the process HostGator will guide you through every aspect of website design and construction offering the tools and know how. You simply need to open to the process and posses the idea that will ultimately succeed. Browse through the complete selection of templates available to you through SiteStudio website building software and create a setting for your idea that will promote its ultimate success in the e-commerce market. HostGator continues to support website creativity under every web hosting opportunity.


Which Is The Right Hostgator Hosting Plan For You?

You have many different web hosting companies to choose from. However, you have decided that the best company for you is Hostgator.  That decision has been made by over 2,000,000 other people around the world who have more than 5,000,000 domains working from their servers.  So, which plan is it that you need at this particular time and more importantly, which plan will you need to make sure that you have what you need in the very near future?

There is always the shared Web Hosting.  This is the one that the most people have and it works just fine for the vast majority of niches.  This name describes the fact that your web pages are placed on servers along with a lot of other web pages.  You are actually sharing a server and everything that happens on that server has a potential impact on everything else that is on that server.  If another web site gets a large spike in their number of visitors on it because of a big launch or something else, it could impact your site and all others on the server by slowing it down a little bit.  Normally this is not a major problem because files are transferred to other servers to make sure that the slowdown is not for a prolonged period.  It does happen however.

A VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting plan will help to alleviate the above problems.  This type of system keeps your files separated from all the rest with a virtual firewall.  This will allow you to be able to take care of things that will not be affected by the things that others do.  The spike in some other web site will not impact you and the things that someone else does will not cause your part of the server to slow down or drop off-line.  This is a very comforting thing.

The Dedicated server is the utmost in web hosting security.  You have your own server.  The things that might drop a server off-line will not affect you at all, unless you do it to yourself. And even then, the servers at Hostgator are monitored 24/7/365 so that problems like this, or any other problems, are not allowed to affect you.  This is a promise from Hostgator.  They have published their guarantee of 99.9% up-time and they work very hard to ensure this.

The Reseller Plan is the best of a lot of worlds for the person that wants the flexibility to make this type of service available to more people and get paid for it as well.  The ability to sell, trade or even to just give away hosting services to their customers or clients is a very powerful inducement for them to do more and more business with you.

Whether you need to have just the basic shared hosting that has worked for many people or whether you need to have a little more security through the VPS or the dedicated servers and the ability to brand your own web hosting, Hostgator has given you the ability to get started and then to grow with them as they provide the best service for you.


Save More, Make More with Hostgator Reseller Coupons

Many people are making money online by starting their own web hosting businesses. Hostgator saw a need for affordable reseller hosting plans and came up with a viable solution. They have included 5 different reseller packages in their reseller hosting plan – all of which can be made even more affordable by taking advantage of current Hostgator reseller coupons.

Web hosting businesses, and there are many of them, are only successful when they make a healthy profit. Successful web hosting businesses have uncovered an easy technique to save money while allowing themselves to make money. What is their technique? Finding and using reseller coupons from Hostgator.

At Hostgator, the Aluminum reseller package begins at $19.96 for the first month and $24.95 after that. This is Hostgator’s basic reseller hosting package which comes with 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, and an unlimited supply of domain names. To start the savings, Hostgator gives all new clients 20% off their first month of service. Industrious clients know how to save even more, up to 25%, by using a current reseller coupon.

The next package in the series is called Copper, which starts at $27.96 for month 1 and $34.95 after that. The Copper package starts clients out with 80GB of disk space, 700GB of bandwidth, and as always, unlimited domain names. Those that are in the web hosting business have found a way to keep most of the profits they make by signing up for 2-3 years of service while saving up to 20% off any of Hostgator’s reseller packages.

Next in line is the Silver package, which provides 120GB of disk space, a whopping 1000GB of bandwidth, and countless domain names for $39.96 for starters then $49.95 for the following months.


After Silver comes Gold at Hostgator beginning at $59.96 and edging up slightly to $74.95 per month. The package includes 160GB of disk space, 1200GB of bandwidth, and the customary unlimited domain names.


Lastly, Diamond provides the most out of all Hostgator reseller packages and includes 200GB of disk space, 1400 GB of bandwidth, and limitless domain names starting out at $79.96 for the first invoice and $99.95 for the following months.


Saving 20-25% off any of Hostgator’s reseller packages can really add up. Most people in the world of business know that in order to make money they have to spend money. While this may be true, there is a way to spend a little less money at Hostgator and turn it around to make a profit. The proof is in the thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s an example of how some of those customers have saved money.

A Hostgator client that chooses the Silver package and pays for 2 years of service saves an automatic 20% just for signing up. Two years of service for this particular package normally costs $1198.80. The client is entitled to an automatic 20% discount upon signing up. That would bring their total to $959.04 which is a savings of $239.76. This is only one way to save more while making more at Hostgator.







Experience Award-Winning HostGator Support

HostGator has eaten up the competition not only with affordable pricing on web hosting across all sorts of platforms but for the incredible customer support that has become a trademark of the Internet’s leading web hosting service.

HostGator support covers every aspect of managing your site or sites so they are up and running all year. HostGator is the premier web hosting service on the Internet, providing full service to web based entrepreneurs of all kinds whether e-commerce website owners using a Windows based operating system or a blog site over Joomla or Drupal open source content management systems, HostGator is ready and willing to walk you through any issues you might have concerning your program.

Regardless of your operating system or platform choice HostGator has the solution and the support to help shepherd your idea and make it a success. HostGator has been helping Internet entrepreneurs make something out of their ideas with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and free website builder. With packages that range from simple shared hosting to upgrading VPS Hosting or dedicated servers, HostGator has a platform that can suit any level of web mogul.

The support portal, exclusive to HostGator, is a one-stop shop for everything you need online to create, manage and bill for your web hosting platform. HostGator customer service is an award-winning support team that is always available for your questions and problems. The support portal provides search queries for quick reference and FAQs on many topics. HostGator support is available over the phone or online providing service in every aspect of the hosting platform for which you have registered. From start to finish your set up is a snap. Receive help for logging in to your control panel, site building and template issues, billing and more; HostGator will keep you up and running.

HostGator boasts a 99.9 % guaranteed uptime for your website. With the professional expertise of HostGator you never have to worry about generating traffic and keeping your program vibrant and successful. For issues that require special attention, HostGator provides live support through the portal so you can attain hands on help and guidance through whatever your issue may be delivering the solution.

HostGator is more than just the place where Internet dreams come true, it is a place where aspiring web entrepreneurs can learn and master the craft of e-commerce and become successful. HostGator provides the kind of support that helps guide you step-by-step into the ever-growing field of web commerce and succeed in your chosen

HostGator Customer support is award-winning, with on-call services that leave nothing but the billing of your sites to you. Experience the kind of support for your e-commerce or web hosting operation that has already made thousands of Internet entrepreneurs successful with HostGator. Through 10 years of delivering high-quality service and function to thousands of Internet entrepreneurs, the choice is simple when it comes to using a web hosting service to shepherd your idea or projects to its fruition. Count on HostGator and its award-winning support team to deliver success to you.


The Greening of the Internet Can Start With Hostgator

Do you know how much heat is generated by the average server?  Can you imagine the amount of energy that is required to run and cool the servers that are currently being run all over the world?  It has been estimated that 3 – 4 % of all of the electricity used all over the world is consumed by data centers.  Computer servers are a very major part of that and that is just what is used to run the servers. You have to cool all of those electronic components and that takes about twice the energy to cool as it does to run.  That is a lot of numbers to throw at you, so let’s look at what Hostgator is doing about this.

By purchasing 130% of their electrical needs in Renewable Energy Credits, Hostgator has effectively removed 444 cars from the road for an entire year.  They have saved 5,654 barrels of oil for other uses and in effect have powered 321 homes with the clean, green energy for a year.  Not to mention the protecting of 551 acres of rainforest for that same year.  Hostgator is doing its part in the fight against global warming and leads all others in that battle.

There are a few hosting companies out there that are using green energy to run their servers, but there are not as many that are using the same source to cool those same servers.  That leaves a lot of non renewable power going to this very steady need of energy.  That is something that Hostgator decided that it wanted to address.  They have done it quite well too. Through their program of Renewable Energy Credits they are actually paying a Texas wind-farm to generate the electrical power for many homes and offices on their behalf.  This says a lot about Hostgator and the fact that they put their money where their mouths are.

Hostgator actually pays for about twice the energy that they use and put back into the electrical grid for everyone’s use.  Yes, Hostgator has led the way and they continue to look into areas that will help others do the same.  They have partnered with wind farms, power generating companies and with others wanting to make a difference.

When you are looking for the web hosting company that does all the things for you that Hostgator does and does it the way they do it for you and does it in the greenest way possible, you are in the best possible position you will ever be to get on the bandwagon and set up an account with this Green Company.  The prices, the plans, the cPanel platform, the programs, the applications, all the bells and whistles that will allow you to publish web sites that are dynamic and interactive and the just plain easy to use interface all point to Hostgator as the one hosting company to get.

The greening of the environment and the ability to be a part of that is just icing on the cake.


Extend Your Reach Using HostGator Drupal Hosting

As e-commerce continues to develop new platforms, operating systems are being created to meet with demand and try to improve on current systems. Along the line comes Drupal, the open source content management system that offers a new niche for e-commerce to further explore and expand business opportunities. Drupal is unique in its design for smaller scale e-business and more exacting standards.

HostGator is at the forefront of this expansion and offers HostGator Drupal hosting at the affordable pricing you’ve come to know. Drupal is all about community and support, which is within the HostGator philosophy. Internet expansion is solely reliant on the support of its users. HostGator can help you in every aspect of developing a web hosting platform in the Drupal CMS. By getting in on the ground floor HostGator web hosting is free to develop and fit along with the Drupal CMS platform that is gaining support and momentum by the day. Even as e-commerce expands HostGator continues to offer the unlimited features and site building tools needed to create and maintain a successful website.

Drupal is developing a growing demand for e-commerce. As Drupal continues to grow, e-commerce grows with it. Each platform is a new avenue in which to extend the reach of products services and affiliate programs. Drupal, like other CMS allow for version control that is ideal for the kind of data involved, from movies, music, pictures documents and more. HostGator hosting provides the power of experience and exemplary to expand with growing CMS platforms. As a Drupal user you can get equipped with the kind of web hosting prowess that is available from HostGator in other Internet operations. For enterprising and web developers that are looking to expand into new markets, HostGator can get you install to Drupal quickly and have your website or websites up in running and ready for billing. Combined with the open-source and free CMS functionality, Drupal is the ultimate partner for HostGator.

The combination of HostGator and Drupal is a current and an ideal example of how content management systems or CMS have developed a foothold in the e-commerce community. Starting as niche markets that specialize in one-stop shops for shared data space to be contributed and stored CMS such as Drupal have the potential to grow into potent mass markets. As an enterprise, Drupal hosting is becoming premier way to combine the unlimited disk space and bandwidth capabilities of HostGator with an operating platform that provides greater freedom for its users.

For new users HostGator manages your operation from head to toe, covering the logistics and allowing you to involve yourself in learning more about Drupal platforms to best maximize your business. As Drupal grows e-commerce opportunities will grow as well, and HostGator will be prepared to meet the demand. HostGator has focused on shared, reseller, and VPS hosting for the better part of 10 years providing unmatched customer support and performance that simply breeds good opportunity. Learning and understanding how HostGator and Drupal can better work in conjunction with each other fosters success.


The Fantastico World of Hostgator

As you begin to make the web sites that you are launching, you need to make sure that they have the functionality that you dream of.  The things and applications that you need on your web sites to make them the dynamic interactive pages that your visitors will enjoy reading have a lot in common.  They can all be applied to your pages with the Fantastico program supplied through the cPanel platform from Hostgator.  The number of applications, scripts and other programs that are accessed by this method is a very lengthy list, indeed. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • b2evolution, nucleus and WordPress:  These programs allow the inclusion of a blog on your site.  These are some of the most popular methods of getting your information out there.
  • Noah’s classifieds:  Installing a classifieds system complete with categories, sub-categories, locking categories, classified approval, send to a friend app, etc.  Craig’s List (with your name, instead, anyone?)
  • Content Management Systems:  There are currently 11 CMS apps in the Fantastico system available through Hostgator.  These help you establish yourself as the place to go in your niche for the most up to date information.  Some of those are: Geeklog, Joomla 1.5, Mambo, Siteframe, PHP-Nuke.  Others listed on the Fantastico control page.
  • Customer Relationship Apps:  The support ticket systems available on many of the top of the line sites can be yours, as well as a live chat system and help desk functions.  In other words, all of the things that everyone expects from the best site in your field.  Some of these are Crafty Syntax Live Help, PerlDesk, Help Center Live, Support Services Manager and others.
  • Discussion or Bulletin Boards:  The apps phpBB and SMF will help you set up a discussion board or a simple bulletin board to help you get better acquainted with your visitors.
  • E-Commerce Apps:  Making a catalog, setting up a shopping cart, tying it all together to include payment processors?  E-Commerce, OS Commerce, Zen Cart and CubeCart will assist you in these very important areas.
  • F.A.Q Setup:  Set up a Frequently Asked Questions section for the edification of all of your visitors or site members through FaqMasterFlex.
  • Image Galleries:  There a number of applications that will allow you to use a large number of images for whatever they are needed.
  • Polls and Surveys:  Set up a poll with real time results.  Take a survey to identify what else your visitors need to see, do and/or buy.  Very helpful features to have.
  • And much, much more!

There are Project Management apps, Sitebuilders, Wikis and others that will allow you to set up an auction, others to set up an online education course and programs that will allow you to control the ads on your site.  There are apps that help you set up calendars, either shared or private, others that place search boxes on your site for various industries and generate forms that are not only interactive with your visitors but with your databases as well.

This and so much more is available from Hostgator.


Enjoying the Security and Flexibility of HostGator Linux Hosting

What does it take to achieve Internet success? The answer may not be simple, but there are ways to get started learning the ropes and start enjoying the good life that comes from being part of the Internet economy. HostGator is the premier web hosting service on the Internet. Chock full of options such shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and more HostGator understands the web hosting better than any competitor. HostGator can provide the type of web hosting excellence for Linux users that has made the Internet giant into a house hold name among all other platforms. HostGator Linux hosting is comparable to every other shared hosting platform that HostGator provides.

Each hosting level is packed with the unlimited space and speed, the free c-panel and site-builder features you are accustomed to from HostGator. But it is the exemplary customer service that is the key to your experience. Whether a beginner or a pro, HostGator can help you shepherd your idea to fruition and make it a success. With Linux systems security is not an issue. Building Linux-based hosting requires a little maintenance from start-up through to the 99.9 % uptime that HostGator pledges. The 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service pledge is part of what helps HostGator eat up the competition.

Linux applications and operating systems can be easier platforms in which to start up a web hosting business if you are an aspiring Internet entrepreneur. While HostGator provides the bulk of the management burden for your website or domain exchange a working knowledge of your operating system does come in handy. HostGator can provide the know-how and the help to better understanding Linux and its web hosting platform dos and don’ts to ensure your success.

HostGator packages vary for each web hosting opportunity available from reseller hosting or VPS hosting to dedicated servers that ramp up your security and effectiveness. Linux-based hosting is available in every platform of web hosting HostGator provides in other application and operating system platforms. Manage your own domain name or farm out sub-domains to friends and associates and become part of the HostGator affiliate community. Your options are limitless with the helping hand of HostGator. For Linux application or operating system users there is no equal to the professionalism, features and effectiveness that an Internet leader in web hosting provides.

HostGator customer support is always available to you keeping your operation performing well, securely and online. HostGator is affordable and is start-up ready for any type of enterprising and aspiring web host or e-commerce website mogul. Web hosting and e-commerce is the way of the future when considering new avenues in our modern economy. HostGator gives you the tools and the means in which to succeed with Linux-based hosting that is secure and flexible. Whether you are a beginner looking to break in to the hosting industry or an established host with an idea of expanding an existing Linux operation or starting Linux from scratch, HostGator will shepherd you creativity and effort to ultimate success.


Simplifying HostGator Windows Hosting

Windows is a worldwide operating system that requires specific conditions to perform. With a specific set of software, applications, and programming to perform and work effectively, web hosting with a Windows operating systems might seem daunting. Attempting to pinpoint the proper applications to put together a strong e-commerce program can be maddening. HostGator has created a web hosting and e-commerce platform that works with windows and not against it.

HostGator Windows hosting is geared to perform over any Windows application or operating system platform. Since Windows is used more than any other operating system in the world it is important for hosting agent to provide all of the tools you will need in order to run your e-commerce platform on a Windows based operating system. HostGator already has the experience and logistical support to help keep your Windows hosting program up and running 99.9 % of the time with the maximum security it requires.

Windows can be difficult to deal with because it doesn’t provide ample security within itself. The operating system requires tons of applications that are usable only through windows and that tends to create tunnel vision approach to system operation. For seasoned users of any Windows OS or application the transition into hosting might be simple. For beginners, however it becomes more complex. HostGator simplifies the process in a way that a layman can understand and manage. Providing the same unlimited disk space and bandwidth features along with free site builders and web templates to get you started, HostGator combines that with affordability and package variety with Windows compatibility.

Customer service is the chief aspect of the HostGator web hosting operation. That is why it has been named the number one web hosting service on the net. Eating up the competition across the Internet, HostGator provides affordability and support as a standard. The Windows hosting platforms are a great example of the commitment that HostGator has for its customer base. HostGator guides you through the management of your program so you can focus on the billing of your domains sub-domains and build your very own Internet empire.

Upgrade your e-commerce and web hosting opportunities under the Windows platform with the help of HostGator to reseller or VPS hosting and even dedicated servers that run Windows OS and software application. All it takes is an idea and a willingness to make the most of opportunities. As with any other HostGator opportunity there is unlimited disk space and bandwidth under an affordable package price.

Getting involved in web hosting is a great way to become involved in the new economy and fostering your ideas into the reality of a successful web campaign is what HostGator is all about. By changing your opportunities you can bring real change your life. Web hosting is a growing portion of e-commerce that allows users to build off an idea, maintain it and watch it grow into something bigger and profitable. Upgrading to HostGator hosting is one way of building and living a virtual dream.