Get Even More with Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupons

Hostgator provides a simplified solution to dedicated server hosting needs. The dedicated servers at Hostgator provide both power and flexibility, a must have for all dedicated hosting plans. Hostgator’s dedicated servers are fully managed. They provide complete control to clients with full root access and access to dedicated hardware without any resource restrictions.

Saving money at Hostgator is even easier than signing up for a dedicated hosting plan by using a dedicated server coupon. Hostgator lists its current promotions directly on its website both on the homepage and its dedicated hosting pages. Right now, everyone can choose a savings of 25% or $9.94.

Enjoy instant savings and quick access to any one of Hostgator’s dedicated hosting plans. Since Hostgator is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, the web hosting business can bring an array of plans to its clients at a price that remains affordable. Clients begin by choosing from a dedicated server with a Linux, cPanel, or Windows operating system. They then choose among Hostgator’s Basic, Standard, Elite, or Pro plans.

Hostgator’s Basic plan starts at $174 per month before using a coupon. This is the most basic and cheapest dedicated plan available. Its features include 1GB of RAM, 1500GB of bandwidth, and 250GB of hard drive space. Almost any script can be run on this plan and the available speed suits basic needs. Web surfing is faster and the server is reliable with hardly any downtime.

Hostgator steps its service up a notch with its Standard plan. This plan costs clients $219 a month without a discount. This package entitles clients to 4GB of memory, the standard 1500GB of bandwidth, and 500GB of hard drive space. In addition to the Standard plan’s super speeds, 10 unique IP addresses are included.

The Elite plan is an upgraded version of Hostgator’s Standard plan. For $279 a month clients can expect 4GB of RAM, a whopping 2500GB of bandwidth, and 1000GB of hard drive space. All the features included in the Basic and Standard plans have been incorporated into this plan. In addition to those features is an Intel Xeon 3210 Quad Core processor. As each plan gets upgraded, the speed at which the server runs is intensified.

Lastly, Hostgator offers a Pro plan which runs at $374 a month. Though this is the most expensive of the 4 plans, it is jam packed with features. These features include an increase of components providing clients with an astounding 8GB of RAM, 2500GB of bandwidth, 1000GB of hard drive space, and an Intel Xeon 3360 Quad Core processor. Hostgator’s Pro plan is for those in need of space and speed.

All dedicated Hostgator plans are run using a fully redundant network. There is no single point of failure on Hostgator’s network. Each dedicated server is packed with added security features that make up several layers of network security. Hostgator uses only the best bandwidth providers including ATT, AboveNet, Level (3), Comcast, NTT, and Global Crossing. All of Hostgator’s clients can feel secure about their servers being housed in a state of the art data center with HVAC units and power backup generators.




Launch Your Web Hosting Service with HostGator Dedicated Servers

For serious web builders and web hosts, the purchasing dedicated servers is the best way to maximize your disk space, bandwidth, security, and profit management. HostGator dedicated servers are affordable, high-powered, reliable and secure servers that will allow you to build a hosting operation that can handle tons of domains, subdomains and affiliates with the potential to grow exponentially.

Dedicated servers provide unparalleled security and the Dell server packages that HostGator install are top of the line in processing power and flexibility. Discover how dedicated servers can boost your web hosting operation and catapult you beyond the competition.  Successful e-commerce is all about effective management and logistics. HostGator provides both at an affordable pricing on the most high-powered hosting option, dedicated servers.

HostGator provides the type of web hosting solutions that work for small and large e-commerce operations alike and is second to none in web management from the shared hosting level to providing high quality dedicated servers for large scale hosting needs. The Internet economy is still growing and web hosting is becoming a cost effective way of generating profit with little overhead. HostGator can help you manage and operate every aspect of your growing e-commerce and leave with nothing more to do than focus on billing and generating profits and new leads. With the purchase of dedicated servers and the over $100 worth of management at your disposal from HostGator you are taking a bold step into the world e-commerce.

Dedicated server packages from HostGator are available in Linux and Windows operating systems and 2 by 200GB to 2 by 500GB hard drives for storage along with top-quality Dell servers with Intel Xeon 3450 for smaller drives and Xeon 3470 for more high-powered platforms. Of the four available server types disk space runs from 2GB to 8GB of memory and speedy bandwidth upgrades with each model providing incredible power your platform. Each server comes with a free c-panel as well as complete control and root access. The advantage of root access gives you administrator level control of every aspect of your server.

The HostGator server packages provide a professional solution for serious web hosts looking for a real edge and an affordable upgrade form smaller web hosting models in the new Internet economy. By developing itself into a premier web management company by providing affordable solutions and exemplary customer service HostGator has become an industry leader. HostGator provides With 24-hour, seven day a week customer support always available you will have a professional handle on your hosting operation at all times.

HostGator has a web hosting and e-commerce program for every kind of enterprising Internet entrepreneur. From shared hosting to reseller and VPS hosting. Each program is an extension and upgrade of the last. HostGator dedicated servers provide the premier upgrade supplying you with the power and flexibility to construct a top-flight e-commerce or web hosting giant. HostGator provides a member only affiliate program for all HostGator users so you can be part of a company that eats up its competition.