Get Even More with Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupons

Hostgator provides a simplified solution to dedicated server hosting needs. The dedicated servers at Hostgator provide both power and flexibility, a must have for all dedicated hosting plans. Hostgator’s dedicated servers are fully managed. They provide complete control to clients with full root access and access to dedicated hardware without any resource restrictions.

Saving money at Hostgator is even easier than signing up for a dedicated hosting plan by using a dedicated server coupon. Hostgator lists its current promotions directly on its website both on the homepage and its dedicated hosting pages. Right now, everyone can choose a savings of 25% or $9.94.

Enjoy instant savings and quick access to any one of Hostgator’s dedicated hosting plans. Since Hostgator is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, the web hosting business can bring an array of plans to its clients at a price that remains affordable. Clients begin by choosing from a dedicated server with a Linux, cPanel, or Windows operating system. They then choose among Hostgator’s Basic, Standard, Elite, or Pro plans.

Hostgator’s Basic plan starts at $174 per month before using a coupon. This is the most basic and cheapest dedicated plan available. Its features include 1GB of RAM, 1500GB of bandwidth, and 250GB of hard drive space. Almost any script can be run on this plan and the available speed suits basic needs. Web surfing is faster and the server is reliable with hardly any downtime.

Hostgator steps its service up a notch with its Standard plan. This plan costs clients $219 a month without a discount. This package entitles clients to 4GB of memory, the standard 1500GB of bandwidth, and 500GB of hard drive space. In addition to the Standard plan’s super speeds, 10 unique IP addresses are included.

The Elite plan is an upgraded version of Hostgator’s Standard plan. For $279 a month clients can expect 4GB of RAM, a whopping 2500GB of bandwidth, and 1000GB of hard drive space. All the features included in the Basic and Standard plans have been incorporated into this plan. In addition to those features is an Intel Xeon 3210 Quad Core processor. As each plan gets upgraded, the speed at which the server runs is intensified.

Lastly, Hostgator offers a Pro plan which runs at $374 a month. Though this is the most expensive of the 4 plans, it is jam packed with features. These features include an increase of components providing clients with an astounding 8GB of RAM, 2500GB of bandwidth, 1000GB of hard drive space, and an Intel Xeon 3360 Quad Core processor. Hostgator’s Pro plan is for those in need of space and speed.

All dedicated Hostgator plans are run using a fully redundant network. There is no single point of failure on Hostgator’s network. Each dedicated server is packed with added security features that make up several layers of network security. Hostgator uses only the best bandwidth providers including ATT, AboveNet, Level (3), Comcast, NTT, and Global Crossing. All of Hostgator’s clients can feel secure about their servers being housed in a state of the art data center with HVAC units and power backup generators.




Save More, Make More with Hostgator Reseller Coupons

Many people are making money online by starting their own web hosting businesses. Hostgator saw a need for affordable reseller hosting plans and came up with a viable solution. They have included 5 different reseller packages in their reseller hosting plan – all of which can be made even more affordable by taking advantage of current Hostgator reseller coupons.

Web hosting businesses, and there are many of them, are only successful when they make a healthy profit. Successful web hosting businesses have uncovered an easy technique to save money while allowing themselves to make money. What is their technique? Finding and using reseller coupons from Hostgator.

At Hostgator, the Aluminum reseller package begins at $19.96 for the first month and $24.95 after that. This is Hostgator’s basic reseller hosting package which comes with 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, and an unlimited supply of domain names. To start the savings, Hostgator gives all new clients 20% off their first month of service. Industrious clients know how to save even more, up to 25%, by using a current reseller coupon.

The next package in the series is called Copper, which starts at $27.96 for month 1 and $34.95 after that. The Copper package starts clients out with 80GB of disk space, 700GB of bandwidth, and as always, unlimited domain names. Those that are in the web hosting business have found a way to keep most of the profits they make by signing up for 2-3 years of service while saving up to 20% off any of Hostgator’s reseller packages.

Next in line is the Silver package, which provides 120GB of disk space, a whopping 1000GB of bandwidth, and countless domain names for $39.96 for starters then $49.95 for the following months.


After Silver comes Gold at Hostgator beginning at $59.96 and edging up slightly to $74.95 per month. The package includes 160GB of disk space, 1200GB of bandwidth, and the customary unlimited domain names.


Lastly, Diamond provides the most out of all Hostgator reseller packages and includes 200GB of disk space, 1400 GB of bandwidth, and limitless domain names starting out at $79.96 for the first invoice and $99.95 for the following months.


Saving 20-25% off any of Hostgator’s reseller packages can really add up. Most people in the world of business know that in order to make money they have to spend money. While this may be true, there is a way to spend a little less money at Hostgator and turn it around to make a profit. The proof is in the thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s an example of how some of those customers have saved money.

A Hostgator client that chooses the Silver package and pays for 2 years of service saves an automatic 20% just for signing up. Two years of service for this particular package normally costs $1198.80. The client is entitled to an automatic 20% discount upon signing up. That would bring their total to $959.04 which is a savings of $239.76. This is only one way to save more while making more at Hostgator.







HostGator Promotions Offer Web-Development Savings

There are thousands of new discounts and special promotions you can take advantage of on the Internet. A savvy Internet shopper is well schooled in the art of the ‘web-deal.’ The Internet has more to offer than just shopping opportunities. It is a place of business that reaches across the spectrum from buyer to seller. E-commerce has become a major element in the new economy, providing an outlet for many entrepreneurs.

Gain a foothold in the web hosting service or build an e-commerce website designed to fit an affiliate model. HostGator promotions are all over the Internet to help you find great savings on web hosting services from the Internet’s most trusted leader. HostGator has been making moguls out of molehills for 10 years and can bring that sort of success to your e-commerce idea.

Participating or creating affiliate programs is an ideal way to get involved in web-commerce and the platform is gaining momentum daily. HostGator is at the forefront of providing web hosting services and opportunities that can get you started or upgrade your e-commerce platforms. Building a website to further a marketing or creative idea is the best way to get in the door of Internet riches. The worldwide web is the new economy and is growing all of the time. For a small investment you can turn nothing into something with the help of HostGator. Getting started is easy and there are all sorts of promotions available to cut the start-up costs.

Search the web for promotions that give you a discounted foot in the door at HostGator. Build within the small confines of a small shared hosting platform or create your own affiliate program with the power and security of dedicated servers and the site building tools you need to succeed. HostGator manages and shepherds your e-commerce ideas and dreams and helps you make something from them. Whether you are just starting up or are a seasoned professional using HostGator there are ways to take advantages of the HostGator coupons and promo codes that are pervasively available on the web. HostGator is already affordable but in order to maximize your profit butting back on the bottom line is prudent.

One of the advantages to an Internet promotion is that is open ended. Many web coupons are ever-present, just waiting for someone to take advantage. These promotions can often be used for in different ways under the same site of which they are eligible. For HostGator web hosting services the idea is no different. Learn to get the most from HostGator and you will taste web success.

HostGator provides the space, speed and website building tools, you just need to bring your idea and a little creative force to the project and HostGator will manage the rest. You will be billing on your platform quickly and could be turning a profit almost immediately. A new program can be started at a discount with host gator providing you with the disk space build a successful platform. For current user you can use promotions to upgrade to any of the many HostGator platforms that can breed e-commerce success.


Hostgator VPS Coupons Make Powerful and Secure VPS Hosting Even Better

VPS hosting is a popular method of web hosting across the internet. VPS, or virtual private server, brings shared and dedicated hosting together into one package. With VPS hosting, it’s like getting the best of both worlds.

At Hostgator there are nine different levels of VPS hosting available. This makes Hostgator a one-stop-shop for VPS hosting plans because clients can easily upgrade or downgrade to a new level of hosting to suit their needs. VPS hosting is popular among “green hosts,” because one machine is divided into several separate and dedicated servers.

At Hostgator, all VPS hosting clients take advantage of several features no matter which level hosting plan they’ve ultimately chosen. All VPS accounts come with an unlimited number of domain names, sub-domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, and FTP accounts. One feature every client looks for is security. Security is not a worrisome issue at Hostgator due to the weekly offsite backups that take place.

All clients that choose to go with a cPanel or Plesk VPS hosting plan are treated to fully managed servers. This takes the hassle out of maintaining the server and making routine backups and updates to keep the server running at its fullest potential. No matter which plan clients opt for, every client has easy access to award winning support available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Also, free site building software is included with each plan. Clients have full root access to their servers which keeps them in control and allows them to modify their servers to meet their individual and specific needs. Virtuozzo power panel and private name servers top off the list of features that come with all VPS accounts at Hostgator.

Each new client to Hostgator can easily save themselves some money by taking advantage of the Hostgator VPS coupons that are available online. A 25% off coupon really adds up when taken advantage of. The amount of money a client saves depends on which level plan they select and how many years they dedicate themselves to Hostgator.

A 25% off VPS hosting coupon at Hostgator allows clients to add their savings in no time. This discount saves clients up to $19.95 for Level 1 plans, $25 for Level 2 through 6 plans, $29.99 for Level 7 plans, $35.99 on Level 8 plans, and last but not least, $41.99 for Level 9 plans. Many people choose to go with a VPS hosting plan from Hostgator not only for the up front savings, but because VPS hosting is an affordable alternative for those seeking dedicated hosting.

Dedicated servers are known as some of the most powerful servers available. This means they can receive, store, and transfer large amounts of data at high speeds. Also, they are the most secured servers available. Nothing on a dedicated server is shared because each server is assigned to a single client.

Shared hosting plans place more than one client on each server making them some of the cheapest plans available. When combined, a VPS server is born, bringing the power and security of a dedicated server to Hostgator clients at a price that resembles shared hosting.



Hostgator Promo Codes Save New Clients Money

Hostgator has built a reputation as being one of the most affordable and reliable web hosting companies – making them one of the top web hosts. To celebrate its reputation and success as a top web hosting company, Hostgator often issues promo codes to pass savings down to their clients. Each type of hosting plan is entitled to its own promotions.

It’s up to the client to choose how much money they want to save and which promo code works best with their plan. This can be a bit tricky for some new clients. An easy way to simplify the process is to go straight to the Hostgator homepage and select which type of plan is most suitable. Hostgator offers a variety of plans including reseller, dedicated, and VPS.

Hostgator always lists its current promotions directly on the main pages of their hosting plans. Clients can easily see how much they will save when signing up at Hostgator by clicking on which level of plan they will be purchasing. A trick to saving even more money is to sign up at Hostgator for a longer period of time.

Three popular Hostgator promo codes available directly on the site, or through Hostgator’s various affiliate sites, are available for a $25 discount, a 20% discount, or $9.94 in savings. Currently, all clients that sign up at Hostgator get their first month of service at 20% off. This amount of savings really adds up and has saved many new clients hundreds of dollars.

Many clients find Hostgator promo codes on different sites scattered across the internet. It’s important for all clients that choose to go this way to save money to check how current the codes are. Checking the date of the promotions keeps clients from wasting time. Hostgator promo codes going back to 4 or 5 years can still be found online but may no longer be valid.

When relying on a website to find the best promo, choosing a website that lists several promo codes for comparison is an effective way to find savings. This makes it easier for clients to ensure they are getting the most savings for their hosting plans.

Fortunately, there are many sites dedicated to saving new Hostgator clients money. These sites, many of them affiliates of Hostgator, post the most current promo codes, list them side by side for comparison, and offer an easy explanation of how to use them. Many of them list the total number of savings directly on their sites as part of their side by side comparison.

Enjoying the savings offered through offsite Hostgator promo codes is pretty simple. It usually comes down to copying the code directly from the website and clicking on a coupon activation link. The coupon activation link brings clients directly to the Hostgator website. From there, clients select their plans and click an “Order Now” button.

Clients simply follow the ordering directions provided by Hostgator. When it comes time to enter their promo code all they have to do is paste it in the promo code box. Clients then resume the ordering process. Hostgator calculates the savings and clearly lists them for their new client to see.




Hostgator Coupon Codes

Starting a website for your business, nonprofit organization, or even just for personal use, can be an expensive undertaking due to the immense amount of money required to perform such a huge task. Paying for design services, domains and hosting, along with the long commitments and contracts often required by large website companies, can make getting started difficult for anybody with a limited budget. Even those extensive, already established businesses with capital to invest can be turned off by the huge initial payments needed to start a website and keep it going. Those in the know, however, choose Hostgator, a company that is a respected web hosting company that offers a wide array of resources and features for its users at amazingly affordable prices. On top of that, there are no contracts and flexible billing schedules that allow you to select the exact length of commitment you wish to begin with, and renew at the end of that commitment for whatever length you want at that time. The needs of each user are met with options as short as a single month, and as long as three years. To make their services even more attractive and accessible to new users, the Hostgator coupon code program offers dramatic savings on their already competitive prices so that you can experience the real difference in their service at a much lower cost. Hostgator knows that once you experience their level of attentiveness, customizability and success, you will decide to renew for all of your future website needs.

Hostgator’s web hosting services are divided into three basic plans.  The first plan is called the Hatchling. Featuring a single domain and shared SSL certificate, it is directed toward very small businesses, organizations wishing to promote a specific event or fundraiser, or individuals wanting a site to perform such functions as providing wedding information or allowing for family networking. The next level of plan is the Baby, which offers unlimited domains with the shared SSL certificate. This plan is better for moderately-sized businesses or organizations wanting to share more detailed information. The largest of businesses and complex organizations will find the features and benefits of the Business plan most appealing. Along with unlimited domains, this plan offers a private SSL certificate and IP and a toll free number. All of these plans offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The length of commitments allows you to choose between the highly flexible month-to-month plan and longer schedules of 1, 2, or 3 years.

Whereas the three-year option is the most economical in the long run, the monthly plan enables you to decide exactly how long you wish to maintain your site. If you are one of these people, the first coupon code option would be ideal as it allows you to use the mid-level Baby plan for an entire month for only one penny. The other code gives you 20% off any plan for any length of time. Such incredible discounts make starting and maintaining a website amazingly within reach.


Live Your Internet Dream with HostGator Discounts

Providing top-flight web hosting for a decade, HostGator has built a reputation as a reliable and efficient source for building a web hosting and affiliate program that has gained success over time. HostGator is the trusted leader in web hosting on the Internet. With 10 years of experience building and guiding Internet entrepreneurs to success, you could be the next budding web-mogul to partner up with high-end web hosting for low cost. Register to become part of the program with HostGator discounts, and get offers to save on start up costs, or build upon a current relationship with HostGator for less.

Effective in most operating systems and developing new platforms all of the time to reach new outlets, HostGator is the number one web hosting service you will find on the net. Hosting packages start small and ultra affordable for beginners and larger platforms such as reseller or VPS hosting that run at competitive pricing. HostGator also believes in maintaining relationships with its customers, and offering discount deals for established web hosts in the HostGator community. Upgrades to reseller or VPS hosting platforms can help your website operation grow exponentially. You might even find some deals on dedicated servers that can really jumpstart your program.

Discount coupons can include free upgrades with price breaks on hosting plans, free c-panels, domains and more. Many Internet discounts can come from the third party purveyors that offer savings in return for their own traffic. The savings get passed onto you and your budding hosting program. Discounted packages lead to a great start in your e-commerce operation.

Getting started with HostGator is as simple as choosing a start-up package and following the instructions from the HostGator support team. Build a website with the site building tools provided for free and be up and running in no time. Discounts help offset the cost of startup fees fiving you access to e-commerce site builders and other extras that will help you save on investment now and gain profit later. Leave the day-to-day management of your site (or sites) to HostGator and focus on generate ideas and billing out to your third party websites.

Web hosting is a unique e-commerce based business that allows a select number of users an opportunity to own a piece of a business that is growing every day. Grabbing Internet coupons and discounts for HostGator offers brings potential opportunities into reality. As e-commerce continues to grow the need for high-quality hosting and management of websites is crucial. The HostGator team will keep your site up and running so you can generate the kind of traffic and profit you expect. Affiliate programming is the way of the future and HostGator has made itself compatible with just about every operating system.

Get started building something new or renovate your e-commerce platform to perform to its maximum potential with the professional assistance of HostGator and stake your claim in the new economy. Look for the latest discounts online for new registrants, valued customers and affiliate partners of HostGator in order to save.


HostGator Coupons

Official Website: www.hostgator.com

Owner & Founder: Brent Oxley
Prices Start: $3.96

About The Company

Hostgator.com LLC is a Texas based company founded and owned by Brent Oxley in 2002.  The company has expanded recently to include offices in Houston and Austin, Texas.  Hostgator.com is the leading provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated servers.  Oxley began the company in is dorm room at Florida Atlantic University and in a short period of time has built the company to include over 5 million domains, resulting in 1% of total internet traffic.  Hostgator.com has been declared the 21st fastest growing private company, the 2nd fastest growing company in business services, and the first fastest growing company in Texas.

Hostgator.com provides innovative products and services to customers such as independent freelancers up to and including Fortune 500 companies in over 200 countries.  The website is designed to aid web designers and developers in their day to day operations and has a 90% satisfied rating.

Hostgator.com Overview

Are you a new company looking for the right web host?  Even more are you looking for an easy way to design your website that represents your company and reputation?  Do you want to save money by designing your own website, but don’t have the technical ability?

Every company that has ever tried to secure a web host knows it is difficult to find a host that meets or exceeds their expectations.  Many companies may host the web site, but they don’t provide options for you to build your own site using their tools.  Finding a web host that can fulfill all their needs in one location is difficult to find and often results in the website design being built by one company and the web hosting being completed by another.  This can sometimes make merging a website to a host difficult because languages collide and the design does not look the same in live mode as in the design mode.

Hostgator.com helps eliminate this obstacle of website design by providing site builder, included with many of their web hosting options.  Site builder provides the ability to create your website from scratch or from a template.  A preview to see what the design looks like live is available before the website actually goes live.  This takes out the guess work out of knowing how the design will look to your customers.

In addition if you already have web hosting, Hostgator.com can provide free domain transfers, free file transfers, free database transfers and free script transfers, simply for switching web hosts.  They handle all the transfers for you.  This makes switching hosting companies simple and hassle free.

Hostgator.com provides 100% customer service any time of the year.  Customer support portals include chat live, call, sending e-mail (or a ticket), fax and regular mail.  Live chat is available 24/7 to answer any questions regarding billing, technical support, design questions, a hostgator coupon and anything else you can think of regarding hosting and their website features.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most widely used services.  Hostgator.com provides three different level plans for web hosting.  All plans provide hosting that is easy and affordable.  The plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  The plans provide free tools for creating sites and templates.  The web hosting services provide unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts and e-mail accounts.  Users use the cPanel control panel for designing and developing their websites.

The site builder allows you to select the type of site you would like to create.  You can create the site from scratch or choose from many available designs and functional presets.  Some of the presets include: pages, page sets, design templates, and functional modules.  The functional modules include blogs and image galleries.  All of the functional presets can be arranged according to your company’s objectives and preferences.  The site builder allows for the editing and creation of your content, including the page title.

Hostgator.com uses BaseKit for their site builder tools.  They use this website builder because it is easy to use.  The program allows for easy to drag and drop functionality.  The templates can be completely customized.  There are additional widgets that any company can add to their website.  The additional widgets to implement include Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, RSS, Flickr, forms, YouTube, PayPal, Calendars, and much more.

BaseKit also supports multiple languages and allows for the addition and editing of HTML and CSS coding.  The program allows for importation of PSD designs.  Basekit also provides easy styling tools for every user to easily maneuver the website of their dreams.

The hosting provides for forums, free instant shopping carts, blogs, counters, form mail, portals, password protected directories, custom error pages, web based file managers, hotlink protection, IP deny manager, and redirect URL.  Each of these options makes building and customizing your website easier and less time consuming.

The web hosting options are hatchling, baby and business.  The hatchling plan has shared SSL certification.  The baby plan includes the shared SSL certification and unlimited domains.  The business plan includes a private SSL certification and IP, unlimited domains, and a toll free number.  All plans include the site builder for customized web sites.

Reseller Hosting

For the person trying to make some extra money or start their own business, Hostgator.com offers reseller hosting.  Reseller hosting provides customer management for free and billing software.  There are multiple website creating tools and templates for the reseller, but also for the reseller’s users.  Reseller hosting provides a domain name reseller account for the reseller to track their clients.  The account provides a billing system for the reseller to use to keep track of user accounts.

The reseller account also provides 4500 free website templates in over 22 languages to be offered to the end users.  The plan is easy and inexpensive.  The reseller will begin recognizing profits in a short time, making the reseller hosting plan excellent for entrepreneurs or business owners looking to invest in a new venture.

The reseller account also provides for not only the reseller, but the reseller’s customers to have access to the site builder.  Therefore the reseller is able to not only web host their client’s website, but can also provide website designs for their customers.  If the customer opts out of having the host design the site the customer can still design their own site.

The best part of the reseller hosting plans is you keep 100% of the money.  Hostgator.com will never ask for a commission on the websites you host.  As a special offer for becoming a reseller host you will a book called “The Web Hosting Book,” on the house. This book will help resellers learn how to run a web hosting company and help their clients in the process.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans provide dedicated functionality without the additional expense.  The VPS hosting plans use CentOS Linux with full root access, Virtuozzo power panels, optional cPanel or web hosting manager panels.

The VPS hosting plans provide a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers.  This hosting option can be customized for hosting needs and may be upgraded at any time.  This provides the client the opportunity to start at a lower level plan when they are in their early stages of business.  As the company grows, their plan may be upgraded at any time to continue handling their business needs.

The various levels of VPS hosting helps provide a fully customized match for any specific hosting needs.  In this way you are only paying for the services you really need.  You are not paying for extra processors, download speed, or space that you don’t need.

You may be wondering why you would not just set up your own server in house.  The answer is Hostgator.com provides all the reliability and takes all responsibility for ensuring the server is always working.  There are weekly automated off site backups for extra security purposes.  Hostgator.com cuts all the time and personnel costs associated with having in-house VPS hosting.  State of the art data centers with backup power generators are used to help keep your websites running, even if the power goes down at the facility where the server is running.  This provides an extra measure of functionality that your business would pay possibly thousands to uphold.

Dedicated Servers

The Hostgator.com provides dedicated servers that are the ultimate solution for power and flexibility.  The dedicated servers are fully managed with complete control and root access.  The dedicated hardware has no resource restrictions, unlike other dedicated servers.  The various levels of dedication server plans come in basic, standard, elite dedicated and pro dedicated option packages.  Recently Hostgator.com offered Linux and Window dedicated servers to help provide even more service to companies worldwide.

Hostgator.com strives to provide the highest quality server products and services available.  To prove this they provide server provisions, secured and delivered typically within 24 hours of purchase.  Dedicated servers from Hostgator.com provide sites with a higher level of security, speed and uptime than many other hosting companies.

A bonus feature to the dedication servers includes free billing systems.  The billing system provides autopilot billing to automate the billing needs of your company.  The dedicated servers are fully managed by Hostgator.com, taking all the responsibility away from your company.  This cuts personnel costs and reduces system costs.  Another added feature is the free Enom domain name reseller account included with having a dedicated server.  Therefore you can have a large website with multiple functions and host client websites at the same time.

Costs and Format

Hostgator.com offers various services with multiple levels of plans for each service.  The starting price for web hosting is $3.96 a month.  Reseller hosting starts at $19.96 for the first month and is $24.95 each month after.  VPS Hosting services are starting at $15.96 for the first month and $19.95 each month after.  The dedicated server plans begin at $139.00 for the first month and $174.00 a month thereafter.

For a limited time Hostgator.com is offering a Hostgator coupon via this site on various packages for the first month.  This provides the opportunity to not only take the 45 day money back guarantee, but to try a great product for a month at a discounted rate.

Pro Points for Hostgator.com

  • Multiple plan options from the one person company to large corporations
  • Various hosting options
  • Inexpensive plans to meet all budgets
  • Customizable websites & templates
  • Environment friendly
  • 100% time customer service, no holidays or off hours
  • Scalable plans based on growing of your company
  • Hostgator coupon

Negative Points for Hostgator.com

  • Difficult to decide which plan to chose
  • Built mostly for web designers and developers to use
  • Lose one on one personal contact with over 750 employees for customer support and no local representatives

Overall Conclusion for Hostgator.com

Hostgator.com is a great web hosting company that provides various web hosting, reseller, VPS hosting and dedicated server options to their clients.  In addition, Hostgator.com provides customizable website templates for every user to easily design and upload their own creations.  This is specifically useful for companies that change their website design on either a monthly or seasonal basis.  By simply using the site builder changing content and design is a breeze.

The multiple number of hosting option plans is great to accommodate every user.  This allows Hostgator.com to meet the needs for the smallest of businesses and the largest of businesses.  This is not an easy task for any company to achieve, which concludes as to why they are one of the fastest growing companies in the country.  The 99.9% uptime rating means you never have to worry that your website is potentially losing clients by not being available.

Hostgator.com understands the importance of making the most out of your money and therefore provides various levels to meet the needs of your company that is also ideal for your budget.  Using the hostgator coupon you will receive a reduced rate to help determine if the web hosting is with your time and business.

Their phenomenal customer support is award winning.  They provide answers to all questions any time of the day or night.  They are open 24/7/365, providing the highest quality of service available to their clients.


Hostgator VPS Coupon

Even the most inexperienced of internet-users knows the potential of having a website. They may not exactly understand it, but it can’t be argued that maintaining an effective website means a wider audience and potentially increased business. An internet presence means dramatic increases in your customer base and scope, which means increased possibility for sales, awareness, investments or hires. Every day millions of people turn to the internet to gather information, make decisions and spread their knowledge. With this amount of traffic flowing through the web every moment, maintaining a professional, high-quality website is critical for getting yourself and your business in front of the maximum number of people possible. This means only those that seek their information online will have the opportunity to learn about your offerings, which equates to sales and revenue. Making this happen, though, starts with making the right decisions about things such as web hosting, domain, server capabilities and others.

One of these important decisions is whether shared hosting services or dedicated servers are the most appropriate choice for your particular website situation. Both offer their own benefits and detractions, depending on what you need and desire from your website. If, after looking into both and understanding the capabilities of each, you decide that neither is exactly right for you, another option is VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers and provides the functionality of a dedicated server without the high expense often associated with that level of web hosting. With Hostgator, a premiere web hosting company offering a wide variety of services to meet all website needs, not only is VPS hosting an option, it is accessible and user-friendly. Hostgator utilizes Linux; a free and open operating software that has become extremely popular since its inception in the early 1990s. It functions as a bridge between the shared and dedicated levels of web hosting otherwise offered by Hostgator. As the needs of your website grow, you have the option of personalizing your service by increasing the level of VPS hosting or moving on to a fully dedicated server as you see fit. This degree of customization is available only through the VPS hosting services, and is a great way to get started if you are still a beginner or aren’t completely sure how what level of service you will need. Within the VPS offerings, Hostgator has many levels of service that you can choose amongst to ensure you get exactly what you need. Though each of these comes with its own pricing, a Hostgator VPS coupon will make the services even more attractive.

To make choosing VPS web hosting services through their company an even easier decision, Hostgator VPS coupon code discounts provide reduced pricing to new users. These discounts allow you to save 25% off the first invoice of your new account, regardless of the specifications you choose. Depending on the level of service selected you can save up to $41.99 your first month. These savings can be a great head start in establishing your web presence and increasing your business.


Hostgator Reseller Coupon

Has it ever crossed your mind to stop working for someone else and start your own business? Have you found yourself thinking about how great it would be to not have a boss to answer to, strict hours you have to meet, or limits to how much money you can bring home? Or maybe you just wish you had a way to make a little supplemental income with a few hours of work in your downtime…income that could help you pay your expenses or act as your “fun money” to play with throughout the month. If any of these things appeal to you, starting your own business as a web hosting reseller could be the perfect solution for you. Starting such a business is fast, simple and extremely affordable, meaning you can start making huge profits quickly and without huge effort. Hostgator, a company respected for its web hosting services, offers all of the tools, support and resources you need to start making money with your own web hosting reseller company.

In the first few minutes after starting your reseller account with Hostgator, you can begin providing web hosting services to others wanting to start their own websites. A simple sign-up process gives you access to the Web Host Manager, the reseller control panel that allows you to offer customers their own cPanels. CPanels are the user-friendly, comprehensive control panels used to design, create and use their own websites. With this system, your customers will be able to establish their own internet presence with websites devoted to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, family networking, and any venture that could reap benefits from having a professional-looking, well managed website. Just as if they were going through the larger Hostgator web hosting company your customers will be able to create sub domains, unique email addresses and passwords, engage in ecommerce or advertise an upcoming event. When they purchase their web hosting service package, you make money. It is really that simple. You are not completely alone in your business, though. If at any time you or any of your customers encounter any problems, all of you have access to the extensive Hostgator tech support system. This network is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, prepared with specialized tech workers and avenues of support to provide fast and efficient solutions.

Hostgator reseller plans are divided into five basic groups. These plans, Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond, are grouped by their specifications so you are sure you get exactly what you want from your reseller business. With all of the unlimited features and resources included in these accounts and the availability of your own impressive control panel, their prices are already amazing. To make starting such a business even more accessible, though, the company offers Hostgator reseller coupon codes that can reduce the prices dramatically.

Depending on the plan and billing schedule you select, this can offer an incredible $479.96 worth of savings. This presents the opportunity for a lucrative, customizable business or a successful supplementary income without huge investments in time or effort.